When you first learn about CrossFit, you may see Olympic and other professional athletes on the advertising posters. This may leave you wondering if CrossFit is a good choice for beginners. It absolutely is because the benefits that CrossFit delivers, such as increased strength, stamina, flexibility and more are as important to Olympic athletes as they are to your grandparents.

The truth is that the same methods and principles that allow Olympic athletes win medals can also work for you, your parents, and grandparents. Obviously, the intensity and the weights will be different for your grandmother and for an Olympic level athlete. However, squats can benefit the elderly in the same way they benefit an Olympic skier because squats are essential to maintaining functional independence and levels of fitness. At the same time, it is just one of the examples of core exercises that CrossFit utilises to help people get and stay in a great shape.

For these reasons, people who benefit from CrossFit include beginners, intermediate and elite athletes who are fighters, cyclists, surfers, skiers, triathletes, and swimmers. CrossFit was founded in 2000. By now, its methods and principles have been well tested on the elderly, overweight, sedentary and other segments of the population. Many of the CrossFit beginners were able to accomplish high levels of success because the principles behind CrossFit are universal and can work for everyone.

If up to this point, you have been going to a regular gym and adhered to a traditional routine with split movements and exercises, that’s perfectly fine because any exercise is better than no exercise at all. You have not wasted your time. If you have been doing aerobic exercise, you’ve prepared a foundation and most likely already achieved a certain degree of strength. Many people that become CrossFit athletes are already very successful and fit. They are only lacking some core strength and conditioning, which is what CrossFit helps with greatly.