Most people get scared when they find out that CrossFit calls everyone who goes to a CrossFit gym an athlete. Don’t let this distract you from what CrossFit really is and what it offers. The goal of CrossFit is to help people get and stay healthy. “Athlete” is just a term that CrossFit literature and trainers use a lot.

The truth is that terms such as athletics, wellness, and sickness measure the same entity, which is human health. Because human health is so important and there are so many variations of it, there are also many terms and words used to describe it that range from pathological sickness and mortal diseases to what is considered normal or average to fit and athletic, which is above average.

Factors that allow people to make judgements on these conditions include weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart rate, body fat, fat percentage, muscle mass, flexibility and more.

Those who exercise on a regular basis typically have more strength and are healthier than those who don’t, which is one of the reasons why CrossFit calls them athletes. CrossFit views health, fitness, and athletics as the same thing. To be healthy, you need to be athletic.

To accomplish this, CrossFit has established a hierarchy of factors and efforts. They go in the following sequence: diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastic exercises, weight lifting, and sport. The diet lays the foundation for your health and physical development. You simply can’t be healthy if you eat junk food. Once you start eating healthy, you need metabolic conditioning and gymnastics that establish the capacity of your body to progress on the way to fitness and health. After that, weightlifting follows. It allows you to develop a capacity to control external objects with your power. Once you master that, you can apply fitness competitively, which is sports.